New open private custom service

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1 first say what you want to customize the video or the goods you want to include all the content.

2 to determine the appropriate price and production time
3 to pay 50% of the cost of customized products
4 confirm the model of customized product
5 do a good job in the payment of the remaining cost of the video
6 send customers video download link complete customization
Custom price according to customer requirements
The higher the price, the higher the price
The more simple the lower the price
The lowest price is 200 dollars without copyright.

Need to calculate the price of copyright

1 .を先にカスタマイズするビデオあるいは商品は必要なすべての内容を含む.
2 .相応の価格と制作の時間を確定する
3 .にカスタマイズする製品の総50 %の費用を支払う
4 .カスタム製品に必要なモデルを確認
6 .お客様のビデオのダウンロードを送信する